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Special Online Stress Management Course
5 Sessions - Self-Paced!

Individualized Online Stress Management Course.



Busy people need support, increased awareness, and the information to perform better with fewer distractions from the increased levels of stress we all experience.

We need to learn how to get back in control of our habitual response to stress.

An example of stress management:

Paul commuted 1 hour to work everyday. He worked in a fast paced office where time "Deadlines" seem to hit every fifteen minutes. Paul was not sleeping well and he had a painful headache every night as he commuted to his home. He resented dealing with the work created headache during his own personal/family time. Since stress was the cause of his symptoms and the loss of concentration at work, a simple stress management program really worked well for Paul, and surprisingly quickly. With his regular use of the stress management techniques his headaches were gone in weeks. His results were so good, his co-workers suspected that he was taking medication. Paul assured them he was using a simple, powerful stress management program that made him feel better and increased his productivity.

In the privacy of your own home and on your own schedule, you can easily benefit from a new stress management online program for people motivated to change the way they habitually respond to their stresses.

Every program is unique, specifically tailored, for your requirements.

You will receive, via immediate download:
(or you can select CD option at Checkout to have the audio program in CD format and have the entire package mailed to you).

  • 3 Stress surveys.
  • A Profile Survey Form*
  • 4 Stress Management CD's from the Relaxation Series, that give you full instruction of proven stress management techniques.
  • Exercises to help you at work.

*Once you've completed the Profile and returned it via Email, you will receive;

  • Email feedback from Dr. Mason, and a 5th MP3 or CD, selected specifically for you based on your profile.
  • Signed copy of "Guide to Stress Reduction" (Most Recent Edition).

This program is fully guaranteed for the motivated person who wants to "Get Back in Control" of their body and their lives. It has been used successfully in Dr. Mason's private practice since 1978.

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We have Self Guided exercises, taken directly from the Bestseller, Guide to Stress ReductionSelf Guided Audio Stress Management Programs available to you to purchase in various formats. These Self Guided exercises, available in CD or MP3 format offer techniques proven to be effective in the areas of Stress Management, Wellness, and Productivity.
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Online Stress Training
Online Stress Management Course
Sessions - Self-Paced!

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